To The Apex^

In collaboration with Driconeq and drilling project management company Geolorn Ltd, Progradex has supplied an EL850CS RC sampling package to leading independent drilling contractor, Apex Drilling Services for drill sampling programmes within the UK.

The package was initially successfully tested in the coalfields of South Wales and is now providing quality sampling support in limestone quarrying marking a new era for the drilling industry and RC sampling concept in the UK.

New Scientific Paper

Get free early access to a new paper by Dr G. Lyman, I. Robertson & T. Day, “The Simple Facts about Sampling Gold Ores” which will be presented by co-author, Dr Geoff Lyman at next month’s 13th AusIMM Mill Operators’ Conference 2016, October 10th-12th 2016 in Perth, Western Australia.

Click on the link below to download the paper:

Lyman_23_v2 – The Simple Facts about Sampling Gold Ores